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​​Under the Artistic Direction of Laura Winslow, Impulse Handbell Ensemble has been hailed by leaders in the world of music education as “bringing the WOW factor to handbell ringing” and having “such great attention to small details,” . It is an auditioned group of experienced teen ringers from central New Jersey. They often perform challenging repertoire, and tend to steal the show with their incredible rhythmic accuracy and physical coordination.  In 2012, Impulse produced a video performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” with the help of BuzzFeed.com.  The video went viral instantly, and gained the attention of The Huffington Post, NBC’s Today Show, and radio stations across the US and Canada. In 2013, the ensemble was featured on the cover of “Overtones” magazine, the official publication of the Handbell Musicians of America.  In 2014, they were profiled by WHYY (PBS of Philadelphia) in a ten-minute segment for a weekly show called “Friday Arts.”  That same summer, while on an eleven-day tour, Impulse played the opening concert at the Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar, an honor reserved for the nations top bell choirs.  In 2015, they were a featured concert for both the Handbell Musicians of America Area 2’s (NJ, PA, NY, ONT) adult and youth festivals. Most recently they played the “Eye of the Tiger” at the star-studded wedding of Elizabeth Meriwether, creator of the FOX network’s hit show, “New Girl”. Impulse was founded in 2010 by Ryan Guth, is sponsored by Malmark Bellcraftsmen and is managed by Steve McBride.


  • 7 octaves of Malmark handbells (C3-C9), plus B2, A#2, A2, G#2, G2, F2, Eb2,D2, and C2 Malmark “Basso Profundo” aluminum bass bells
  • 5 octaves of Malmark Choirchimes (C3-C8)
  • 2 sets of Malmark Cymbells (C6-C7, C7-C8)
  • 1 Malmark “El Guapo” mahogany cajon

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Aditi is a junior in Marlboro High School. She is an avid lover of music and tries to incorporate it into everything that she does. For Aditi, music is the perfect stress-buster. Although she loves the arts, she tries to focus her time around business related activities at her school and around her town such as DECA, FBLA, and entrepreneurship. In the future, she hopes to combine her love for the arts and her love for business into a successful startup. She likes to engage in a lot of research about what makes the perfect startup. In her spare time, Aditi loves to watch documentaries, read history books, golf, travel, and take pilot lessons.


Ally is 15 years old and attends Communications High School (CHS). This is Ally’s first year playing handbells, and she is very grateful for all of the amazing opportunities Impulse has given her. In addition, Ally has a tremendous passion for musical theatre. She is very active in the Cougar Theater Company at her home school, Colts Neck High School. Along with this, Ally has taken part in numerous shows including two VoiceWorks productions. Additionally, Ally is a frequent participant in CHS’s Digital Video club in which she helps write, produce and act in short films. Ultimately, Ally is excited for the many future performances she will have with Impulse!


Amabel is 16 years old and currently attends Freehold Township High School. She plays both the piano and violin. She has been a member of the NJMEA’s All-State Intermediate Orchestra and CJMEA’s Intermediate Regional Orchestra for 5 years. Amabel is currently part of the Bravura Youth Orchestra. She was invited to perform at a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the recent boat accident in South Korea by playing the violin. She is also an active member at school, being part of the school’s Forensics team, Octagon club and National History Day club. Other than school activities, Amabel enjoys watching videos on YouTube, reading, watching videos of hamsters and penguins and watching T.V.


Christine is currently a senior at High Technology High School. She loves music and art even though her school is full of math and science nerds. She is one of those students who goes to research competitions, but she is also the stage manager of the Performing Arts Club and has a musical background. Some of her hobbies include playing piano, playing tennis, drawing, playing with cameras, hiking, snowboarding, and taking long afternoon naps. She has been in the choir for roughly three years and has designed the programs for the Impulse concerts. Christine hopes to continue to be immersed in the world of hand bells! Impulse Handbell Ensemble is a family that gives her a sense of “bell”onging and she couldn’t ask for more.


David is in 12th grade at Howell High School, where he is very involved in the music program. David enjoys singing in choirs, and has been a part of many elite honors ensembles, including NAfME All National Choir, NAfME All Eastern Choir, NJMEA All State Choir, and All Shore Choir. David also has performed with the American Christmas Carol Choir at Carnegie Hall twice. David is an active member in his church’s music program as well, where he rings in the high school handbell ensemble, sings in the high school choir, and plays trombone the jazz band. In his free time, David plays piano and composes and arranges music. This is David’s ninth year ringing handbells, and his fifth year ringing with Impulse.


Emily is a junior in high school. She has an affinity for math and science, but she also loves music and has performed in Carnegie Hall; she has been playing piano for eleven years and viola for two. Her handbell ringing career began in middle school with the eighth-grade bell choir, and, of course, she currently rings with Impulse Handbell Ensemble. In her free time or when she’s procrastinating on schoolwork, she likes to learn computer programming, play or practice something on her piano or viola, or enjoy a good novel.


Evan is currently serving his second season with Impulse. Coming to us with no ringing experience, he began his music background playing piano, saxophone, and cello. Currently in his senior year, he serves in all six music ensembles at Marlboro High School. He is the All-Brass Section Leader for the marching band and played cello for the 2016 Basie award winning pit orchestra. Besides music, Evan also serves as the president for Marlboro High’s Asian Club and DECA chapter in addition to participating in the school’s swim team. Outside of school, Evan enjoys studying Hung Gar kung fu and Chinese lion dancing. He’s excited for his bittersweet, second and last season this year.


Koert, a junior at Manalapan High School, enjoys math, science, and music. Once upon a time, he played piano and violin as well, but like many other ringers at Impulse, he continues his dedication to music as he grows busier with school by ringing. After being introduced to bells in middle school, he returned after a few years in high school out of nostalgia for the unique sounds and the group dynamics of bell choir. Outside of music and academics, he enjoys imagining that he has free time for anything else. Also, setting transistors on fire.


Noah, a freshman at Marlboro High School, is thrilled to be able to share his love for music by being a part of Impulse. Noah has been playing the piano and violin for 10 years. He is currently the concertmaster for the Marlboro High School Band/Orchestra and was previously a member of the Bravura Youth Orchestra. He was a member of the CJMEA Intermediate Orchestra and All State Intermediate Orchestra the past 3 years and was fortunate to be a member of the CJMEA High School Orchestra this year. Noah also enjoys singing in various chorus groups, playing the ukulele, and dancing in his spare time. This is Noah’s 2nd year with Impulse and he cannot think of any better way to spend his Sunday nights than to be ringing bells!


Nugenflugen is a sophomore at Marlboro High School. She has been involved with music her entire life. Currently she plays piano, guitar, ukulele and sings! Nugenflugen plays a variety of sports such as martial arts, tennis, and lacrosse. She is skilled with programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator and draws in her free time. Nugenflugen has enjoyed her three years in Impulse and is looking forward to the upcoming years!


Patrick first started a foundation in music through piano. After passing the grade 8 RCM piano exam and earning the SMEA (Shore Music Educators Association) 7-year award, he tried a variety of instruments in middle school: the violin, clarinet, and cello. The only one he stuck with was handbells, which he has been playing since 7th grade. Now, with a busy high school schedule and hobbies such as writing and learning German, there is little time for playing music—except with Impulse.


Ryan W is an 8th grader at Marlboro Memorial Middle School. In addition to Impulse, Ryan is in his school’s handbell ensemble, choir, and concert band, where he plays the bass clarinet. Ryan also enjoys musical theater, and takes part in many productions in his school and through VoiceWorks. Recent credits include Horton in Seussical, Shrek in Shrek the Musical, the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and Oliver in Oliver Twist. He recently received his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Ryan was also selected to be in the New Jersey All-State Choir and plays piano in any free time he has when he is not binge-watching shows on Netflix.


Sarina, a senior at High Technology High School, has been ringing for six years and has been ringing with Impulse Handbell Ensemble for four. She got her musical background from piano which she had been playing since the 1st grade. Other than bells and piano, Sarina enjoys singing, cooking, photography, and reading. She is also an active member of her school’s French Linguistic Club and National Honors Society and is the director for the Performing Arts Club.


Susan, a current junior in high school, has been involved with music almost her entire life. She played piano for ten years, participating in competitions such as SMEA and NJMTA, obtaining a five-year award in one and a seven-year award in the latter. During those ten years, she also dabbled in the school band and orchestra, playing flute and viola respectively. Outside of music, Susan enjoys painting, drawing, and watching YouTube videos. This is her fifth year playing bells and her third year with Impulse.